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Lorne Park Real Estate, Port Credit Real Esate It’s not alway easy to tell which way the market is headed, especially not knowing if the interest rates area going up shortly, as we’ve been told they are headed.  Well, the rates have been raised a bit, and the overall resale prices have fallen this year, but only a few percentage points. 

Now, as for the Mississauga Real Estate market, I did a little research to see for myself how this September sales compared to last September, in the total number of sales that occurred.   It depends on which area we are discussing, and at what price.

When looking at the w13 area, which includes Lorne Park Real Estate, and Clarkson, and Sheridan Homelands, then sales almost doubled in September for homes 300k to 500k – sales fell by half for home in the 500k to 1M range, and then sales doubled from 1M to 2M. No September sales over 2M this year.  So, it depends on price range if you try to grasp the monthly trend.

When I look at w12, which includes Port Credit Real Estate, then generally speaking, I see almost no change in the numbers, except over 2M, where its slower.  Note that this is a good sign of a high, consistant demand.

Then, look at Meadowvale in w20.  Sales fell by half for homes under 500k, but remained constant over that price.  Also, number of sales fell by more than half for first time buyers of condo townhomes in w20 Meadowvale.  (Note, well priced gorgeous townhomes still had some multiple offer!)

What’s the implied conclusion?  Less first time buyer sales this September than last year, except the affulent areas south of the QE.  When rates are altered, even slightly, buyers react quickly at first, and then the market is normalized.

For more information on Mississauga Real Estate, please call Mark Holmes on his cell at 416-460-6054, or see Lorne Park Homes for Sale or Port Credit Homes for Sale.  Thank you!

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In the w13 Lorne Park Real Esate and the Clarkson Real Estate locations today there were 4 sales.  The first I’ll mention is a townhouse on Bromsgrove that sold for 190k.  This townhouse is in walking distance to the Clarkson Go Station and it was renovated quite a bit with a nice backyard.  This is a great starter home for a young couple since you can commute to Toronto by the Go and get a large 3 bedroom townhouse with a garage.

Another home with a prime Clarkson location was sold on Medallion Court.  This is a very good street in the Lorne Park school district, and it was completely finished top to bottom with four bedrooms and a double car garage.

Next there were two sales in the Lorne Park Watercolours neighbourhood.  This is the newer neighbourhood on the south side of Indian Road just west of Mississauga Road with luxury homes in the 1 to 2 million dollar range.  The homes are large, with handsome extoriors, but the lots are a bit smaller than most of the older streets in Lorne Park.

For more information on Homes for Sale in Mississauga and Mississauga Real Esate just give me a call on my cell at 416-460-6054.

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