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The Front of the Office

So, this is the building that I have worked out of this last 20 years or so!  Today, now that we are all on our laptops and blackberries alot more work is done on the road, in the car, and from my home office, but I stil am in the office almost every day, and I can meet my clients at their homes or at my office.   One of the reasons I joined this company was the central location,  Mississauga Road and Dundas.  I can pretty well reach anywhere I work in ten minutes from any direction.  

The office backs onto the credit river and the massive park system along the river, so I am always close to water and forest, which is why I like living in Mississauga.  I have included the videos for anyone who is interested in seeing our set up here,  and there are 5 in total, meant to been seen in order.  I think that it kind of fills in the picture when you are choosing someone to work with when you see their work environment.  Mind you, these shots were taken when the office was pretty empty, otherwise I would never have been able to run around and talk during the filming of them.    The videos don’t show all of the administrative offices in the building, and there are alot of them, another reason why I like working from this location, everyone in the company on the processing side of things is here.  I can easily track down anyone I need to talk to, for whatever reason, right under this roof!

 2 of 5, The Front desk

3 of 5, The Seminar Room & Law Office

4 of 5, Upstairs Agent Offices

5 of 5, Backyard Park & Patio

For information on Lorne Park Homes for Sale or Homes for Sale in Port Credit please feel free to call me at any time at 416-460-6054.

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The office of Mike Garvey and his two sons Mike and Tim has been in business in the Clarkson Lorne Park area for as long as I can remember.  Many generations have relied upon their shared experience and good advice.  They are right in the Village of Clarkson, just south of Lakeshore at Clarkson Road South, and you can’t get anymore downtown Clarkson than that!  I have found Mike S. and his sons always have an open door policy and are always willing to help.  I have been referring clients to them all my working career.  Their offices are in a century old farmhouse, quite original, so it’s kind of a cozy country atmosphere.  They have a casual friendly business, but they are on the ball, and have always provided the best of service.  I use them often for real estate closings.

Garvey Law FarmhouseA friendly Front desk at Garvey Law

For more information on Mississauga Real Estate or Homes for Sale in Mississauga  please call Mark Holmes on my cell at  416-460-6054.

Garvey & Garvey, 972 Clarkson Road S., Mississauga,

 L5J 2V7,  Tel: 905-823-4400,

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I have been working out of the Erindale office selling Mississauga Real Estate  since 1978  (yikes!)   so I have alot of friends in the business and and support behind me.  When I am away, or cannot be in two places at once, I can call upon two of my experienced fellow realtors  to take my place.  Both Julie and Leon are hard working and reliable professionals!  They go out of their way to be helpful, and I am always proud of their efforts on behalf of my clients.  They treat my clients just like they would their own.  Both just happen to be members of the Oakville Board and the Mississauga Real Estate Board.  Both work with me out of the Mississauga Office of ReMax Professionals.  When I am away I will forward all of my work to them,and they will promptly return your calls on my behalf.

Leon Marty  Bus 905-270-8840 #337,  Cell.  905-466-5366

Julie Mather         905-270-8840 #343,  Cell.  416-254-7548

For more information on Homes for Sale in Lorne Park or

Homes for Sale in Port Credit please call Mark Holmes  Cell.  416-460-6054

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I consider my manager Christine Mitchell to be an important member of my team!  She has an extensive knowledge of the Real Estate business and of the Lorne Park real estate and the Port Credit real estate markets.  It is important to have a manager who is on the leading edge of new technology, as well as being  a courteous and trustworthy person.  Along with our legal department she is more than capable to address any potential problem that could arise in our dealings with all of the complex issues of  the business.   I can honestly say that I have never had a more modern and skilled broker to work for over my 30 years in the business!  You may rely on her,as I do, should you require a second opionion on any matter concerning the buying or selling of your home.

You may reach Christine by calling my office at 905-270-8840 ext 426.   

You may visit my website for more information on Lorne Park Real Estate and Port Credit Real Estate.

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My office at ReMax Professionals has a Real Estate Law office on the basement level!  This is extremely convenient for myself and my clients!  The office is part of the law firm of Larry Plenner and Associates, and the Law Clerk in charge here is Vanida Hannan.  I’ve been working out of this office now for over 20 years, and Vanida has been here  for at least 10 of those years.  Feel free to call Vanida and ask her any Real Estate questions that you have.  She is always there for me as a source of information and she specializes in Mississauga Real Estate.

Vanida Lawyers Office

You can reach Vanida during business hours at my office at 1645 Dundas Street West in Mississauga by calling, 905-270-8840 ext 360, or you can call Larry Plener at his main office at 905-897-8611,

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