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Condo Townhomes on Queen Street in Lorne Park

Just east of Lorne Park Road there are is an extremely nice townhouse complex know as Lorne Park Townhomes, with addresses of 928, 1064 & 1084 Queen Street West.  I spent quite a bit of time looking for the right one for a client last winter.  The market was pretty busy at the time, and they were all selling quickly.  So, in the process I have reaquainted myself with all of the various styles and sizes of homes, and there are quite a few.  

 Some of the larger models feature huge third floor lofts, walk out basements, double car garages, and ravine lots!  The location is good being a short bike ride to Whiteoaks Park, or to the lake or downtown Port Credit.  This development is popular with folks from the area downsizing, or for those who just aren’t into home maintenance and lawn cutting.  Everyone has a large deck or patio in the backyard, and there is pretty good privacy with all the landscaped open spaces. 


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Westport and The Glades of Fleet

I can remember many moons ago, when I was working at Kingsway National Real Estate in the early 80′s, everyone in my office going to the grand opening of  The Glades of Fleet!  At that time a subdivision with homes of this opulence was something new and unusual.  These were grand homes larger than most of the homes in Lorne Park!   Today I don’t often here the area called The Glades of Fleet.  This subdivision, which isn’t all that large, is the western portion of the area of Westport, south of Mississauga Road and north of the QE highway.  Lorne Park is to the south of the QE, but all of the homes and areas along Mississauga Road north of the QE are very similar to the areas south to the lake.

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People often ask me “is it better to live in Port Credit or Lorne Park?”  And, of course, the answer to that question is alway a bit more complex than meets the eye.  The two areas are similar in that they are both highly desirable residential areas with a broad mix of housing types from the modest to the luxury home category.  Port Credit has a distinct downtown shopping area centred around the harbour.  There is certainly charm with the boats, the lake, river, park, and quaint stores and businesses.  There are modest small homes for sale, and to the north of the Village there are the  Mineola East and Mineola West neighbourhoods, with their large lots are magnificent mansions!  

     Clarkson/Lorne Park has its Village too, although most people would agree that it is not as charming or historical as compared to the Village of Port Credit.  However,  it is a practical shopping and commercial strip of businesses, some in quaint older buildings with interesting architecture.  There are antique stores, travel stores, real estate offices, and fine restaurants.  I think the trend is for the Village of Port Credit and Clarkson Village to compare themselves to downtown Oakville, and feeling a bit out shone, to continue to upgrade their businesses and appearance.  These two huge residential areas are so much in demand, and offer such a high quality of life, it is impossible to expect anything other than continued renovation and upgrading of the shopping districts in both!

PS.  This is an important footnote!  When I refer to Clarkson/Lorne Park, I am referring to an area from Southdown Road west to the Credit River.  This is the boundary north of Lakeshore Road for the Lorne Park School District.  Remember that the area east of Southdown Road is also frequently called Clarkson as well, but it is not in the Lorne Park School district and therefore homes are not as expensive west to Winston Churchill.

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