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Reliable Tradesmen in Mississauga

How do I find someone who I can trust?

I have worked with alot of tradespeople over the years.  I some cases I was delighted with their work, and in some cases I wish I had had an internet site like to read what others had to say about work done before I hired someone.


I have recently started to use this site, and there are alot of choices of trades people in Mississauga and handyman in Mississauga to select from.  I have my favourites I use for painting, plumbing, etc., but often they are too busy to help me when I need to get a job done.  In my business people want to renovate and get their house on the market, usually in a hurry!  So, plese check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.

For information on Homes for Sale in Mississauga and Mississauga Real Estate please feel free to call Mark Holmes on cell phone number 416-460-6054.

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Port Credit Condos

65 Port Street, Port CreditFall Sunset in Port Credit

There has been quite alot of condo construction in downtown Port Credit these last ten years.  The sleepy town of Port Credit has been revitalized by a varitey of luxurious and interestingly designed buildings!  There are several to choose from on Port Street East,  a winding street next to the lake.  The Port Credit condominium market is varied, but the character of the town is increasingly one of affluence and good living, from 70 and 80 Port Street, to the fabluous Regatta Condominium.
The developers did not cut off access to the lake with all this recent construction.  There is a lovely promenade and rambling gardens along this trail,  for walking and biking.  Port Credit has alot to offer for families and empty nesters alike.  Plus they have an increasingly lively nightlife along Lakeshore that makes condominum living more fun and urban.   Also note that there are more affordable older condos and townhouses in  downtown Port Credit, something for all budgets… almost.

For more information on condos for sale in Port Credit and Port Credit Real Estate, please give me a call on my cell at 416-460-6054.  Thank you!
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