Lorne Park Real Estate

Selling Homes in Lorne Park

The power of the internet today is everywhere, and it is no surprise that this is where 90% of all buyers look for their next purchase.  Most buyers look for homes for sale on www.realtor.ca, the Toronto Real Estate Board”s platform for the public.  The information from TREB that the real estate industry uses, is downloaded nightly into the public programm to use. 

The MLS listing today is pretty standard.  It has 9 colour pics and all of the information that a realtor would most likely need in order to write an offer on the property.   I have begun using Unique Home Sites along with the standard MLS information in order to really expand of the level of information that the MLS listing can offer.

See what I mean by checking out this recent site for a home that I have now sold   http://www.2401pyramid.com/

This page can be found by the potential buyer as a link on the MLS listing in the upper right hand corner of the listing named “Multimedia”.  Usually one might expect to then be taken to a more photos or a virtual tour, and there certainly is that, but there is so much more!   Here is a website solely devoted to this property and its neighbourhood!  This is the kind of information that a buyer wants to know about the area he or she is moving into.  Schools, shopping, demographics, as well as all the detailed house information that there is not room for on the MLS listing. 

So, this link about will give you an idea of what I do for all of the properties that I list on the MLS system.  If  you have any other questions about selling real estate in Mississauga or buying a home in Mississauga, I’d be more than pleased to help you!  Please feel free to give me a call on my cell phone at 416-460-6054.