Actually, it’s not just for the great fish and chips that people come to eat here,it’s the river side atmosphere!  When you look out the window, or sit on their covered patio, you’re right in front of the fishing boats at the harbour, right in the fishing and boating traffic, as it were.  The crusing and charter boat companies are lined up in front of you. It’s a beautiful day, and after your fish and chips all you want to do is go check out the boats, talk to the salomn fishermen, and just take in that East Coast feeling.  Port Credit feels like a little bit of Nova Scotia right here!  This is another eatery full of people who like to fish and have alot of local colour!  

They don’t have a website.  Their phone # is 905-891-5577, 111 Lakeshore Rd. W. Port Credit, Mississauga.

Helens, Port Credit          Inside Helens, Port Credit

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