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I can remember when I first saw the land where Churchill Meadows is open up for construction, and I thought, “the lots are too small, they didn’t leave enough space between the homes!”  I was worried everything would be too conjusted, and that the are didn’t have enough parkland.  I was comparing the area to the older areas of Meadowvale Homes, but I realize now that every area has its pros and cons. 

Actually, what I see now, is an area of far more diverse styles of construction and architecture, and enough green space so as off set all of the buildings.  It’s  nice subdivision, and the owners have done plenty of landscaping so as to make the street spaces pretty and varied!  Even on the main streets I am amazed at the creativity of all of the designs!  This is really interesting, so many more styles than the older areas, and so much more use of different construction materials as well!  So,  this is Churchill Meadows, west of Winston Churhill Blvd. from Eglington to Britannia, still being built, and looking fresh and polished!

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