Mineola East

Deep Treed Wide LotsWalk to the Lake and Port Credit

When we are looking at the area south of the QE from Erin Mills Parkway all the way east to the the Etobicoke border, we see an extensively treed established residential area, and from west to east, they comprise the neighbourhoods of Clarkson/Lorne Park, Lorne Park, Mineola West, Mineola East, and then Cawthra Park and Orchard Heights.   One could say, to generalize a bit, that the most expensive area is Mineola West, and then Lorne Park and Mineola East are slightly less expensive and a bit less developed.  Mineola West is separated from Mineola East by Hurontario Street.  Both areas have the magnificent treed settings on large lots, and both areas have extensive construction of handsome large homes.  Mineola East homes for sale  still offer some of the orginal bungalows for sale, which are often valued for the land and the building lot potential of the site. 
Often it is impossible to tell with area you are in East or West,  and as time goes on , I assume that the neighbourhoods will share the same status as prime elite enclaves of fine homes, as they already do!  What a pleasure it is to stroll down their lush canopied streets.   And to think all of this is a ten to fifteen minute walk from the lake, the river and harbour, and all of the interesting shops of the Village of Port Credit!

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