The Front of the Office

So, this is the building that I have worked out of this last 20 years or so!  Today, now that we are all on our laptops and blackberries alot more work is done on the road, in the car, and from my home office, but I stil am in the office almost every day, and I can meet my clients at their homes or at my office.   One of the reasons I joined this company was the central location,  Mississauga Road and Dundas.  I can pretty well reach anywhere I work in ten minutes from any direction.  

The office backs onto the credit river and the massive park system along the river, so I am always close to water and forest, which is why I like living in Mississauga.  I have included the videos for anyone who is interested in seeing our set up here,  and there are 5 in total, meant to been seen in order.  I think that it kind of fills in the picture when you are choosing someone to work with when you see their work environment.  Mind you, these shots were taken when the office was pretty empty, otherwise I would never have been able to run around and talk during the filming of them.    The videos don’t show all of the administrative offices in the building, and there are alot of them, another reason why I like working from this location, everyone in the company on the processing side of things is here.  I can easily track down anyone I need to talk to, for whatever reason, right under this roof!

 2 of 5, The Front desk

3 of 5, The Seminar Room & Law Office

4 of 5, Upstairs Agent Offices

5 of 5, Backyard Park & Patio

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